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Hi, my name is Mitja, and I am the manager of Fishing Guides Slovenia.

I’ve been an angler all my life. Nature, especially rivers and lakes, always fascinated me. But as a young boy, when I saw an old fisherman catch a big fish at the local river, I was hooked myself.

I started hanging out more besides rivers and lakes, watching anglers do their thing. Soon, they started showing me things and even letting me try it myself. I didn’t have any fishing equipment myself. That’s why I started saving to buy myself this or that part. And if I was lucky, I even got something for my birthday.

I eventually started fishing on my own, with little success at the beginning. The more hours I put in, the smarter I got. I also never stopped learning and combined the traditional ways of the old anglers with the modern fishing techniques I learned on the internet. Fish started biting, and my confidence grew enough that I joined a fishing club.

Enjoying carp fishing at Lake Bled

My passion for fishing has only grown since. Like any other enthusiastic fisher out there, I love it for many aspects — being close to nature, the peacefulness of mind, and the adrenaline rush when battling the fish.

But besides these more obvious reasons, something else is even more important to me. Something that fishers mostly overlook when describing their passion to others.

The humans of fishing

When we imagine fishing, we see an old man sitting beside a lake, a river, or on a gently rocking boat, peaceful and patient, waiting for a fish to bite the bait. Yes, that tranquillity and the escape from everyday life play an important part. But this is not the whole story.

Fishing makes people happy

It is the people we meet beside the waters — the ones who teach, the ones who learn, and the ones who help. It’s about the friends that you make along the way, and the friends who make you what you are today. All those struggles and triumphs would not be the same if we couldn’t share them with others.

That is what I love most about fishing, and that is what I aspire my team to be — your fishing friend in Slovenia.

Slovenia as a fishing destination

Slovenia is a small country. But the small size hides enormous natural diversity. It is full of rivers and lakes, even a short coast, each with its unique opportunities for fishing. Here you can try fly fishingcarp fishingspin fishingsea fishing, and more.

Fly Fishing in Slovenia at Soča River
Slovenia has tons of excellent fishing destinations

Slovenia is a place where you can catch many sorts of trophy-sized fish. On the fishing trips with my friends, I have been able to catch a 25+ kg Carp, a 180+ cm Catfish, a 90+ cm Pike, a 90+ cm Huchen, and even a Marble Trout. When fishing in Slovenia, there is something new to inspire you every time you go.

All fishing waters in Slovenia. Top guides. One spot.

Through my years of fishing, I have met many of the top anglers in Slovenia. In every region I’d like to try fishing, I have someone to call that is a specialist in that territory. Then I asked myself, why not share that with everyone else?

I gathered some of the best fishing guides from Slovenia

gathered all these awesome fishers from all over the country in one team, which now practically covers all of Slovenia. There isn’t a river, lake or part of the seacoast that our guides haven’t fished before. They know all the secret spots, and all the fishing tricks, and are ready to share them with you. Our team is also very well connected, sharing knowledge and experiences that help us grow and achieve our goal, to be the best fishing guide service Slovenia has to offer.

That is our mission. To be the one place that offers all types of fishing in Slovenia with the most experienced guides.

Come! Join us at the riverbank and be part of our story.

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