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Guided Fishing Trips and Fishing Holidays on the pristine waters of Slovenia like Lake Bled and Soča River. Book your Carp, Spin, Sea or Fly Fishing Guide.
Fishing Guides Slovenia is an agency with the main goal to unite all branches of fishing in Slovenia and to offer the best possible experience for all types of anglers who decide to try and wet a line in the waters of our country.

Therefore we have decided to provide guiding service for Fly fishing, Carp, Spin and even Sea fishing.
Linear carp caught from Lake bled in the autumn
With experienced guides from all over the country, each one being a specialist on their own territory, we cover Slovenia as a whole and there practically isn’t any river or lake our guides haven't fished before. Being very well connected as a team we share knowledge and experiences from different areas of fishing, which is helping us to grow and achieve our goal to be the best fishing guide service Slovenia has to offer.

If you decide to come fishing with us, we not only provide the guiding but have decided to take care of everything and present an option for a whole fishing package, so that angler's only concern is fishing. That way we provide accommodation, food, transport, help with the license purchase and anything else an angler could possibly desire.
In 2021 we have even taken a step further and decided to establish an equipment rental service for all those wanting to fish in Slovenia without hiring a guide but are unable to bring their gear with them.

Our guides speak English, German and Italian so there won’t be any problem communicating outside of common, fishing language. Fishing Guides Slovenia Headquarters can be found in Ljubljana, which makes it a good starting point to all the fishing spots in Slovenia.
We are partners with Slovenia Activities, who provide off-fishing activities and trips around Slovenia for the anglers or their wives and kids in case they travel together.

If you’re looking to catch lots of fish and be accompanied with friendly, motivated and experienced anglers to assist you with your fishing in Slovenia, you’ve come to the right place!
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Unforgettable fishing experience with local fishermen on beautiful hidden spots across Slovenia.

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