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Kaupunkien karpin kalastus Ljubljana

Koe karppikalastus Ljubljanica-joen rannalla Ljubljanan kaupungin sydämessä.
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1 April - 31 December

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Fishing in the centre of town is probably something you’re familiar with from the internet, but you’ve never considered actually trying it out. Now you can! Our guides will take you places that you will be able to find enough peace to enjoy your fishing experience, but at the same time you will feel the presence of city vibes, noises and smell from the streets that will, when combined, give you the type of experience you’ll not likely forget. But the best part about fishing in the urban environment is, big fish seem to enjoy urban lifestyle too, so chances of catching an urban monster are not slim at all!

The price includes pre-baiting 3 consecutive days before fishing.


The most sought-after fish in Slovenia, very popular in sport fishing industry. With it’s cylindrical shape, big head and unique fleshy mouth ending in typical moustaches, it is easy to spot.

Kausi: all year
Slovenian record: 34.6kg

The Catfish is the largest freshwater fish in Slovenia. Its home is in calm, deep waters, and prefers a slightly more contaminated environment. It can grow up to 3 m in length and weigh over a staggering 100 kg. The average length of Catfish caught in Slovenian waters is around 1 m. A 95 kg (209 lbs), 255 cm long trophy-size Catfish was caught in Lake Slivnica, while the most common Catfish areas are in the lower Sava River, Lake Bled and other slower flowing rivers. Fishermen use techniques of spinning, fishing with float and ground fishing.

Kausi: July 1st – April 30th
Slovenian record: 266cm, 99kg (218lbs) and 237 cm, 115kg (253 lbs)

Given away by its characteristic reddish fins and whiskers, the Barbel is common in the rock-bottom, slow-flowing parts of the Soča River near the towns of Idrija and Kobarid as well as the lake at Most na Soči. Barbel’s minimum catch size is 30 cm, but it can reach the size of 80 cm and a weight of over 5 kg. The Barbel is a very competitive fish, making it perfect for an exciting sport fishing excursion. The season for catching Barbel runs from April through October.

Kausi: July 1st – April 30th



I’ve been a carp fisherman for ages, but in recent years, this sport has become a great part of my life. I spend over 100 day per year fishing, spending all my free time by the water, mainly in Slovenia and neighbouring Croatia. As a member of the Bled fishing family, Lake Bled is my prime fishing location. It’s also where I set my record of catching a 27.8 kg fish.
My other favourite fishing spots are Šmartinsko Lake, Lake Slivnica and the Ljubljanica River. I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you and help you catch your next trophy-size fish.


I started fishing as a child. Later, I was drawn to carp fishing and decided to specialise in this technique. Through the years, I gained a lot of precious experience and knowhow. I explored fishing on numerous waters around Slovenia, beat my records and fell deeply in love with this type of fishing. My current record rests at 32.5 kg, but of course my aim is to do even better. When I received an offer to create the Fishing Guides Slovenia webpage and thus help introduce Slovenian fishing to the world, I jumped at the opportunity and never looked back. I’m extremely proud of our Fishing Guides Slovenia brand which strives to bring the wonderful sport of fishing to the people.

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Things to know

Jokainen varaus saa oman oppaan.
You can bring any piece of equipment you want, but we also provide
complete gear in case you don’t bring anything or you need to borrow something. It is recommended
to bring your own end-tackle.

Our fishing guides are experienced local anglers who know the lakes well and have the knowledge on how to catch the most and the biggest fish, so they will provide the best guiding out there. Tutustu kalastusoppaisiin >

We help you buy a permit on your arrival, either on a website or in
a shop. For fishing holidays, the permits are already included in the price.

For day’s fishing trips you get lunch box, snacks, and drinks. As for fishing holidays you will be taken to a market prior fishing to get everything you need and we will provide cooler boxes for your food.

Accommodation before or after fishing can be arranged for additional charge.
We can provide boilies and particle, price and quantity are discussed after your reservation.
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Ammattimaiset kalastusoppaat

Kokeneet kalastajat, jotka on koulutettu auttamaan sinua saamaan trofeen.

Odotusten ylittäminen

Ammattitaitoinen tiimimme, joka tuntee Slovenian perusteellisesti, on valinnut maan parhaat kalastusalueet.

Perustuu Sloveniaan

Paikalliset oppaat tuntevat parhaat kalapaikat.

Monien luottamus

Olemme vuodesta 2014 lähtien toiminut taloudellisesti suojattu yritys, jolla on tuhansia tyytyväisiä asiakkaita, ja olemme edelleen asettaneet sinut etusijalle.

Samanlaisia matkoja

From: 2290€/person
5 päivää
Kunnianosoituksemme suurimmille kalastuksen harrastajille, jotka haluavat saada kaiken kiinni.
Marmoritaimen, harjus, taimen, kirjolohi, kirjolohi, tonnikala.
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From: 1490€/hlö
3 päivää
Aloita lomasi perhokalastuksella Soča-joella ja päätä ne tyylikkäästi Adrianmeren rannikolla, kun veneessä on valtava tonnikala.
Marmoritaimen, harjus, taimen, kirjolohi, kirjolohi, tonnikala.
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From: 895€/person
3 päivää
3 päivän kalastuskokemus, jossa kalastetaan useilla paikoilla ja pyydetään enemmän kalaa.
Marmoritaimen, harjus, kirjolohi, kirjolohi, kirjolohi
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Unohtumaton kalastuskokemus paikallisten kalastajien kanssa Slovenian kauniissa piilopaikoissa.
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