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Mixed fishing / Specials

Experience every possible type of fishing Slovenia has to offer.
Från: 2290€/person
5 dagar
Vår hyllning till de största fiskeentusiasterna som vill fånga allt.
Marmoröring, harr, öring, bäckröding, regnbåge, tonfisk
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Från: 1490€/person
3 dagar
Börja din semester med flugfiske på Soča-floden och avsluta den med stil på Adriatiska havets kust med en massiv tonfisk på båten.
Marmoröring, harr, öring, bäckröding, regnbåge, tonfisk
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About Mixed Fishing in Slovenia

Due to its wide network of pristine rivers, a generous supply of beautiful lakes and a short yet stunning coastline, Slovenia is quickly becoming a prime fishing destination. Discovering Slovenia’s spectacular outdoors presents you with an incredible selection of fishing locations where numerous techniques of this wonderful sport can be practiced in some of the most scenic
surroundings in Europe.

A fishing holiday in Slovenia is a unique experience that comes highly recommended. For several reasons. One of the main ones is of course nature. Slovenia’s diverse natural world offers a wide array of fishing locations that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Our waters, rich with exquisite fish species, are very accessible yet remain uncrowded at the same time, as mainstream tourism hasn’t taken this negative hold of the land.

Relatively remote fishing spots can be found easily, and even the more popular locations are spread out in a way that guarantees an enjoyable, peaceful fishing experience. This attribute is closely connected with Slovenia’s small size. The Alpine world and the sea are less than a couple of hours’ drive apart, allowing you to cast your line in the emerald Soča River to catch some Marble Trout one minute and try your luck at hunting for Tuna in the Adriatic Sea the next.

These fishing holidays are all-inclusive getaways that combine the best elements of travel, fishing and spending quality time in nature. With a carefully planned itinerary, a helpful professional guide, and some good cheer thrown into the mix, these fishing specials promise an unforgettable adventure you simply have to go on.

Happy fishing everyone!

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Professionella fiskeguider

Erfarna fiskare som är utbildade för att hjälpa dig att fånga en trofé.

Överträffar dina förväntningar

Vårt professionella team med djup kunskap om Slovenien har valt ut de bästa fiskeområdena i landet.

Baserat i Slovenien

Lokala guider känner till de bästa fiskeplatserna.

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