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Karpin kalastus Slovenia

A multi-day Carp Fishing Holiday on Slovenia’s most stunning and promising lakes
From: 445€/person
5 päivää
Fishing for lake giants on the most popular Carp fishing spot in Slovenia.
Karppi, monni
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From: 295€/person
3 päivää
A 3-day fishing of lake giants on the most popular Carp fishing spot in Slovenia.
Karppi, monni
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Lake Bled with a small island in the middle
From: 595€/person
3 päivää
Fishing holidays on the famous Lake Bled, catching big, powerful Carp.
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About Carp Fishing Holidays in Slovenia

Slovenia has been blessed with an incredible number of beautiful lakes.

From ancient glacial ones to newer manmade varieties, the one thing many of our lakes have in common is their very healthy populations of fish. There are numerous locations around Slovenia that offer fantastic Carp fishing. But to give you the very best opportunity to catch this amazing creature, our multi-day Carp Fishing Holiday packages take you to the most promising spots of all.

One is the world-famous Lake Bled, where you can find some of the biggest Carp around. The surrounding scenery will be the cherry on top of your fishing experience and our expert local guide will help you catch a chunk from this glacial wonder.

Next is Šmartinsko Lake, the current record-holder for the biggest Carp ever caught in Slovenian waters which weighed in at over 34 kg (75 lbs). Who knows, chances are you might catch a trophy size monster of your own at the largest artificial lake in Slovenia. And for those who feel more adventurous, you can try urban fishing in the river Ljubljanica which runs through our capital’s centre.

You have plenty of options and if TV series Monster Carp found it worthy to fish in Slovenia, you probably will too. Our professional guides will take you to the most incredible fishing spots and help with every aspect of your Carp fishing adventure. You don’t have to worry about accommodations, fishing licenses and logistics – all you have to do is enjoy your trip.

Trophy-sized whoppers await in the!

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Ammattitaitoinen tiimimme, joka tuntee Slovenian perusteellisesti, on valinnut maan parhaat kalastusalueet.

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Olemme vuodesta 2014 lähtien toiminut taloudellisesti suojattu yritys, jolla on tuhansia tyytyväisiä asiakkaita, ja olemme edelleen asettaneet sinut etusijalle.
Unohtumaton kalastuskokemus paikallisten kalastajien kanssa Slovenian kauniissa piilopaikoissa.
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