Carp Fishing Slovenia

Guided Carp Fishing on Slovenia’s lakes and rivers to catch your monster Carp.

Full Day

Urban Carp Fishing Ljubljana

Experience Carp fishing on the banks of the Ljubljanica River in the heart of Ljubljana city.
From 190€
Carp, Grass carp, Catfish, Barbel
Full Day

Carp Fishing Lake Bled

Fishing for big Carp from the shores of the world’s famous Lake Bled.
From 149€
Carp, Catfish

Why us?

Professional fishing guides
Experienced local fishermen
Easy to book
Your adventure is just a click away
Best prices
No necessary middleman or agency fees - save money
Based in Slovenia
Locals know best
Those 3 days of tension and expectations flew by too quickly. I managed to top my PB that's now at 27.4kg. Cheers to my guide Andrej!
Gavin Irwin
Fishing on a reserved top position big enough to build a house, peaceful woods behind you and a huge lake in front of you full of 30+kg fish... evry fishermen's dream.
Odin Piers

About Carp Fishing in Slovenia

Slovenia offers many places perfect for Carp fishing.
One is the famous Lake Bled, where you can find some of the biggest Carp around. The surrounding scenery will be the cherry on top of your fishing experience and our expert local guide will help you catch a chunk from this glacial lake. Who knows, you might even break the record for the largest Carp ever caught in Smartinsko Lake, which weighed in at over 34 kg (75 lbs). Of course, Šmartinsko lake with it’s stunning common Carp is also part of our Carp fishing offer. And for those who feel more adventurous, you can try urban fishing in the river Ljubljanica which runs through the city center of Ljubljana. You have plenty of options and if TV series Monster Carp found it worthy to fish in Slovenia, you will probably too.

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