Slovenia is home to the most diverse, clean and beautiful rivers in the world.About Rivers in Slovenia
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On the other side of Slovenia flows the Kolpa, a river that shares its upper and middle course with Croatia.
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This crystal clear, glacial stream emerges near Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak.
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Emerging at the Rinka Waterfall in Slovenia’s picturesque Logar Valley, the Savinja shares more than half of its length with those who love to fly fish.
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Located in south-eastern Slovenia, the Krka is a tributary of the Sava and is characterised by transparently green pools and numerous rapids.
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The Unica’s journey begins on the southern edge of one of the best-preserved Karst plateaus, the confluence of the Pivka and Malenščica.
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Before merging into one, there are two Sava rivers in Slovenia – the Sava Dolinka and Sava Bohinjka.
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This beautiful green river is a fisherman’s treasure-trove.
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The Lepena is a tributary of the Soča and shares the latter’s crystal-clear beauty.
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The emerald Soča river is the most beautiful river in Slovenia. It spring up in the heart of Triglav National Park, under the peaks of the Julian Alps.

About Rivers in Slovenia

Slovenia is a country with an abundant supply of pristine water sources. The diversity of its landscape allows for numerous watercourses, which include some of the most stunning rivers in the world. Out of 60 major rivers, 45 of them are over 25 kilometres long and each one is completely unique. Slovenia’s river basins are divided into the Adriatic and Danube (Black Sea) watersheds. These two parts are then further divided into smaller basins: the Mura, Drava, Sava, Kolpa, and the basin of the Adriatic rivers. Not only are Slovenian rivers extremely diverse in character, so is the wildlife that resides within them, which is why fishing has had such a flourishing and long tradition. The main river of the Adriatic watershed is the emerald Soča with its tributaries Lepena and Idrijca. These Alpine beauties are home to indigenous species of Trout and Grayling. Then there’s the Radovna River, a crystal-clear glacial stunner, which not only allows incredible fly-fishing, but flows through some of the most surreal countryside in Slovenia. Belonging to the Danube watershed, the majestic Save and its tributaries represents a wide range of fish, including the famous Huchen. Belonging to the same watershed are the Krka and Kolpa, which besides being perfect for catching Trout, Grayling, Chub and the Danube Roach, these rivers are also excellent swimming destinations during warmer months.

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