Belly Boat Catfishing Vipava River

Fishing for Slovenia's biggest predator from a belly boat.

Full Day
1 July- 30 April
Huchen, Pike, Catfish, Rainbow trout
From 249€
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Description of Belly boat Catfishing on Vipava river

The Vipava is a coastal river known for its giant Catfish. Rather small in size, the river is inhabited by lovely species measuring over 2 meters in length and reaching enviable weights. The Catfish were deliberately settled in the Vipava River to help reduce its excessive fish population. As a top predator, it later multiplied and now reigns as king in the depths of the Vipava.

The trip starts by taking a Belly boat ride down the Vipava in the company of our expert guide and fish in the tranquillity of nature. Breaks are taken for refreshments and you can also float ashore to try to catch a river monster from there.

Included in price


Professional Guide
Food & Drinks
Fishing License

Included in price


Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are in a group?

Every reservation gets individual guiding, max. 3 people per guide,
in case of bigger groups you will be accompanied by 2 or more guides.

What should I bring with me?

You can bring any piece of equipment you want, but we also provide
complete gear in case you don't bring anything or you need to borrow something.

Who will be my fishing guides?

Our fishing guides are experienced local anglers, who know the rivers well, so they will provide the best guiding out there. Meet our fishing guides >

Where can I buy a fishing permit?

We help you buy a permit on your arrival, either on a website or in
a shop.

What about food and drinks?

For day’s fishing trips you get lunch box, snacks, and drinks. We can
make a brake in a nearby restaurants if needed.

What about accommodation?

Accommodation is provided for fishing holidays, it can also be arranged for day trips for additional charge.

From 249 € / person

Fish and Waters

Talk to our travel expert
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100% Safe & Easy Booking
Officially registered travel company with financial protection.
When you hook a 173 cm catfish only then you realize just how useless the flippers are against such a beast.
Robert Rees
A friend who recomended the Belly boat trip caught a 201 cm giant when fishing on Vipava river. I wasn't that lucky, but nevertheless managed to catch 3 catfish of up to 150 cm in size.
Damien Webb
When reeling in a big catfish while bouncing about in my Belly boat, my heart was racing so hard that I thought I was going to have a heart attack. But the effort sure paid off once the fish was finally landed!
Harley Read

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