Big Game Tuna Fishing 2 days

A 2-day fishing trip to catch the queen of the Adriatic Sea

2 days
All Year
Tuna, Dentex, Mahi - Mahi, Swordfish
From 449€
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Description of Big game fishing for Tuna

For those of you who want to catch more and bigger fish, or just want to spend an extra day or two fishing for this powerful sea predator, we decided to offer you a multi-day experience.

In the Adriatic Sea, the population of Bluefin tuna is growing and with only a few people licensed to fish it, one of them being our guide Robert, Big Game Fishing has a bright future. Supplying tuna for a few restaurants, his main goal every time he sails from the harbour is to catch and deliver. That's why you can be sure he will do anything to catch as many as possible, and you, being members of his crew while on the boat, will work with him, catching those big predators.

You start your fishing trip early in the morning and spend the day fishing on various spots where fish are located. Your guide will provide food and drinks, everything will be prepared right there on the boat as he is also a professional chef.

In the evening, you will be given two options, depending on the situation, either to sleep on a boat and try night fishing for tuna or spend the night in an apartment and repeat the experience from the first day. You will finish your trip in the evening of the second day, hopefully with a few big tunas on your boat.

Included in price


Professional Guide
Boat with Fishing gear
Fishing permission
Food & Drinks

Included in price


Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are in a group?

Every reservation gets individual guiding, max. 6 fishermen per boat.

What happens in case of bad weather?

In case of bad weather the trip is postponed or cancelled and you get a refund.

What should I bring with me?

Light clothes, sun cream and a lot of good will.

Who will be my fishing guides?

Our guides are experienced local anglers who have been fishing Adriatic Sea for a long time and have the knowledge on how to catch the most, so they will provide the best guiding out there. Meet our fishing guides >

Do I need to buy a fishing permit?

Fishing permit is included in the price.

What about food and drinks?

Everything is included in price, so you won’t be hungry or thirsty.

What about accommodation?

Accommodation can be arranged for additional charge.

From 449€

Fish in Adriatic Sea

Find more about Adriatic Sea >

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100% Safe & Easy Booking
Officially registered travel company with financial protection.
Robert, our guide, showed us what it means to fish for tuna. When they started following our boat, the game was on!
Carter Beaton
Two crazy fun days of great fishing, food and awesome company! I caught my first fish in the Adriatic Sea.
Lennon Nichols
We slept on the boat and did some night fishing. The fish were biting and we are sure come back soon.
Leo Martin

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