Guided Carp, Spin, Sea and Fly Fishing tours on pristine waters of Slovenia.

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Great guide, only top locations, great fishing overall. Caught a decent sized marbel trout and many Rainbow trouts.
Semaj Vega

About Fishing in Slovenia

Join our expert fishing guide on an off-the-beaten-path expedition to the clear rivers, lakes and sea of Slovenia.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to catch your first fish or an expert pining to test yourself on more challenging spots - with 59 major rivers, 321 lakes and innumerable creeks, pools and ponds, Slovenia is one of the most vivid and peaceful destinations for freshwater fishing. A hidden gem among the in-the-know fishermen, it offers unspoilt waters, diverse fishing options and incredibly accessibility due to short travel distances.

Fishing in Slovenia is a hundred-year-tradition that was practiced by our grandfathers. We are dedicated to preserving this tradition and more than happy to share it with those who wish to explore it. The oldest and most valued fishing technique in Slovenia is Fly Fishing, with the world's famous Marble trout being the most desired catch. We provide you with the best fly fishing guide service Slovenia has to offer. Carp Fishing is on the rise in the last few decades and Slovenia is becoming one of the top destinations for carp fishermen, thanks to big carps and beautiful lakes, such as famous Lake Bled. Spin Fishing is also very popular amongst local fishes, who most appreciate the fish of a thousand casts - Hucho hucho. Even though Slovenia is relatively small, it borders the Adriatic Sea, considered to be one one of the most biodiverse seas in the world, therefore Sea Fishing also presents a big part of Slovenian fishing legacy.

Regardless of your fishing technique, time or skills, we are sure you’ll enjoy fishing in Slovenia. And we’ll be honored to help you experience it. 

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Guide Dejan took me and my friend to a remote part of the river and oh boy was he brilliant to find huchens hiding. Both me and my buddy got a catch. Perfect day.
Lucy Burt
The guide knew exactly how to fish, had all the appropriate gear and good lures. A pleasant experience, it was freezing alright, but for a Huchen of 87cm it's worth freezing!
Luke Larkins
Huge river with a huge (mine) fish :) I had a really nice day with friends and guide Tomaz, that was constantly next to us and also mad great pics for my photoalbum. I recommend.
Millie Davis
Joel Bell
April 2020
This agency was very helpful and professional. I recommend.
Bailey Morris
August 2020
I loved these guys! Super friendly, professional and helpful team. I highly recommend.
Jolene Share
September 2020
They are kind, honest, and they handle their business. If they provide a catch then the catch will be. I will definitely return to Slovenia and call the FGS guys again.

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