Fly Fishing Holidays

A multi-day Fly Fishing Holiday on a number of stunning locations bursting with various species of fish

5 days

5 Days Mixed Fishing Holidays

Our tribute to the greatest fishing enthusiasts that want to catch it all.
From 2290€
Marble trout, Grayling, Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Tuna
5 days

5 Days Fly Fishing Holidays

A 5-day fishing experience for the most eager fly fishing enthusiasts.
From 1359€
Marble trout, Grayling, Brown trout, Rainbow trout,
3 days

3 Days Mixed Fishing Holidays

Start your holiday with Fly fishing on the Soča river and finish them in style on the coast of Adriatic sea with a massive Tuna on the boat.
From 1490€
Marble trout, Grayling, Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Tuna
3 days

3 Days Fly Fishing Holidays

A 3-day fishing experience fishing multiple venues and catching more fish.
From 865€
Marble trout, Grayling, Brown trout, Rainbow trout,

Why us?

Professional fishing guides
Experienced local fishermen
Easy to book
Your adventure is just a click away
Best prices
No necessary middleman or agency fees - save money
Based in Slovenia
Locals know best
I had so much fun throughout all days of this fishing trip everything was taking care of not only acommodation and guiding but even the fish were there :) I'll probably never forget my battle with a first Marble trout and the joy when I swiped that beauty in the net.
Julian Thomas
Want to do this again, unforgettable trip. So much fishing and we could still go on. We fished until 10PM on the last day! Great thanks goes to fishing guides slovenia. I doubt we would be that successful.
Eva Piers

About Fly Fishing Holidays in Slovenia

No other place in the world is home to so many diverse and fish-filled rivers in such a small area. With its incredibly unique landscape consisting of mountains, plains and the sea, Slovenia is a land of plenty, prompting various types of fly fishing to flourish. You can spend the morning fishing the country’s most recognizable fish, the Soča Trout, on the wild Soča River, and catch a few gorgeous Grayling on the Unica in the afternoon. 

A stone’s throw away is the beautiful Radovna with its abundant population of Brown and Rainbow Trout. Our local guides with their long-year experience and vast knowledge of fishing in these rivers will make sure you don’t leave empty-handed. 

Whether you’re a pro or someone who enjoys spending time with friends on a river in the embrace of nature, catching an awesome fish or several, this type of holiday is meant for you. Your fishing adventure starts in the morning on the river of your choice and ends in the evening with a ton of new experiences and a phone full of stunning photos. You don’t have to worry about accommodations, fishing licenses and logistics – all you have to do is enjoy your trip. 

Excellent fishing awaits!

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