Spin Fishing Slovenia

Catch river monsters from the depths of Slovenian rivers.

Full Day

Urban Huchen Fishing Ljubljana

Experience fishing for Huchen in an urban environment of Slovenia’s capital.
Huchen, Pike, Catfish, Rainbow trout
Full Day

Urban Belly Boat Fishing Ljubljana

Fishing for river predators from a belly boat on the outskirts of Ljubljana city center.
Huchen, Pike, Catfish, Rainbow trout
Full Day

Predator fishing Lake Bled

Fishing for Slovenia's top predators on the most famous lake in the World.
Catfish, Pike, Zander Lake trout
Full Day

Huchen Fishing Sava Bohinjka

Fish for giant Huchen in the heart of the Slovenian Alps.
Huchen, Grayling, Brown trout, Rainbow trout
Full Day

Huchen Fishing Sava

Fish in the kingdom of Slovenian Huchen.
Huchen, Grayling, Brown trout, Rainbow trout
Full Day

Belly Boat Catfishing Vipava River

Fishing for Slovenia's biggest predator from a belly boat.
Huchen, Pike, Catfish, Rainbow trout

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It was great just to fish on this gorgeous waters. One of best fishing trips, river that you don't see often. After catching my own hucho, everything went from good to perfect.
Aarav Boyle
Admit, lost hope a bit while fishing, however my efford paid off with a nice huchen that bit right before dusk. Thank you Primoz for your great guiding!
Fatima Prince

About Spin Fishing in Slovenia

Huchen, Catfish, Pike. These are the three most notorious aquatic predators in Europe. And Slovenia is home to all of them. Additionally, a large number of trophy-size variants of these creatures can be found in our waters. The Huchen record is 135 cm, 26.5 kg (58 lbs), the two largest Catfish to be caught in Slovenia measured 266 and 237 cm and weighed 99 kg (218 lbs) and 115 kg (253 lbs), while the Pike is the record holder with 137 cm and weighing 24 kg (53 lbs).

If you found these amazing stats convincing, make sure to embark on one of our fishing adventures listed below. Local guides will take you to the most hidden fishing spots and show you the right techniques that will help you reel in a trophy-size monster. The Huchen is active in the fall / winter season. Except for the protective period, the Pike and Catfish are available all year long. For an even more exciting experience, we offer you the opportunity to go belly boat fishing, during which you can feel the raw power of these predators when you find battling one of these monsters in their indigenous territory.

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