Fly Fishing Idrijca

Fish for unique and elusive Marble Trout on the Idrijca River.

Half Day / Full Day
1 April - 30 November
Marble trout, Grayling, Brown trout, Rainbow trout,
From 149€

Description of Fly fishing on Idrijca river

This beautiful river is a fisherman’s treasure-trove. Idrijca is the only river in Slovenia besides Soča, where you can catch a Marble trout, and as you can see from the photos below, a really big one too! Marble trout from Idrijca isn’t the same as the one from Soča river though, it has its own pigmentation pattern that is unique for this river. That’s the reason why fly fishermen who come to Slovenia often set their eyes on catching both subspecies.
Besides Marble trout, Idrijca hides other beautiful fish as well. You can catch yourself a Brown troutRainbow trout and even Grayling.
Idrijca is one of the most fishing-friendly rivers in Slovenia, suitable for beginners and pros.

Your fishing adventure starts in the morning, when you meet with your guide who explains everything you need to know for a good day’s fishing on the Idrijca river. Your target fish will be Marble trout, Brown trout, Rainbow trout and Grayling. In order you don’t run out of energy, breaks for refreshment and food will be held every now and then. Our goals at the end of the fishing session are pain in your legs, a big smile on your face and many photos of your captures.The fishing trip can last all day or half a day, depending on your preference.

Included in price of Fly fishing Idrijca

Professional Guide
Food & Drinks
Fishing License

Idrijca Fly fishing Extras

Extra 40€ / person (Full day)
From 149 € / person (Half Day)
From 189 €/ person (Full Day)

Fish and Waters

Find more about Idrijca River >

Fishing equipment in the box
Talk to our fishing expert

I went on this guided fly fishing with my brother. It was quite a challenge to catch a marble trout, but on the second day we succeded. Hell yeah worth fishing 3 days on this river.
Maisie Roberts
Fantastic fly fishing experience with a huge catch. Our guide Erik was great, making sure of a good atmosphere all along. As for the snacks, Slovenian prosciutto is one of the best i've tasted!
Janelle Mckinney
This is certainly a great fishing adventure, fishing on a river of that beauty and gorgeous fish. Besides everything else was also taking care of. No worries, just pure pleasure. Huge thanks goes to our great guide!
Rodolfo Ewing

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are in a group?

Every reservation gets individual guiding, max. 3 people per guide,
in case of bigger groups you will be accompanied by 2 or more guides.

What happens in case of bad weather?

In case of bad weather, especially rain, when the rivers are
flooding, we choose another similar destination where fishing is possible.

What should I bring with me?

You can bring any piece of equipment you want, but we also provide
complete gear in case you don't bring anything or you need to borrow something.

Who will be my fishing guides?

Our fishing guides are experienced local anglers, who know the rivers well, so they will provide the best guiding out there. Meet our fishing guides >

Where can I buy a fishing permit?

We help you buy a permit on your arrival, either on a website or in
a shop. For fishing holidays, the permits are already included in the price.

What about food and drinks?

For day’s fishing trips you get lunch box, snacks, and drinks. We can
make a brake in a nearby restaurants if needed. As for fishing holidays, besides food and drink mentioned above, you also get breakfast and dinner in the hotel.

Can I buy local flies?

You can buy a package of local flies under extras for every fishing trip, in case you run out of them, you can buy them from a guide, but price will be a bit higher.

What about accommodation?

Accommodation is provided for fishing holidays, it can also be arranged for day trips for additional charge.

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