Urban Belly Boat Fishing Ljubljana

Fishing for river predators from a belly boat on the outskirts of Ljubljana city center.

Full Day
All year
Huchen, Pike, Catfish, Rainbow trout
From 249€

Description of Urban Belly boat fishing Ljubljana

Fishing in the middle of a town is probably something you’re familiar with from the internet, but you’ve never considered to actually try it. Now you can! Our guides will take you places that you will be able to find enough peace to enjoy your fishing experience, but at the same time you will feel the presence of city vibes, noises and smell from the streets that will, when combined, give you the type of experience you’ll not likely forget. But the best part about fishing in the urban environment is, big fish seem to enjoy urban lifestyle too, so chances of catching an urban predator are not slim at all! Adding Belly boat in the equation makes everything even more attractive.

Included in price of Urban Belly Boat fishing Ljubljana

Professional Guide
Food & Drinks
Belly boat
Fishing License

Ljubljana Urban Belly boat fishing Extras

From 249 € / person

Fish and Waters

Fishing equipment in the box
Talk to our fishing expert

Fishing in the very center of Ljubljana. A lot of attention from people passing by, especially for me to catch a fish like that :) Great experience.
Ezra Tillsley
Until last month, I've only seen urban fishing videos on youtube. Finally, I had the luck of making one on my own!
Brooks Snow
From a fishing perspective, Ljubljana is a whole different city and catching a pike in between the town's bussiest streets is out of this world!
Callum Rose

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are in a group?

Every reservation gets individual guiding, max. 3 people per guide,
in case of bigger groups you will be accompanied by 2 or more guides.

What should I bring with me?

You can bring any piece of equipment you want, but we also provide
complete gear in case you don't bring anything or you need to borrow something.

Who will be my fishing guides?

Our fishing guides are experienced local anglers, who know the rivers well, so they will provide the best guiding out there. Meet our fishing guides >

Where can I buy a fishing permit?

We help you buy a permit on your arrival, either on a website or in
a shop.

What about food and drinks?

For day’s fishing trips you get lunch box, snacks, and drinks. We can
make a brake in a nearby restaurants if needed.

What about accommodation?

Accommodation is provided for fishing holidays, it can also be arranged for day trips for additional charge.

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