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A few important information about fishing in Slovenia you should know before the arrival so when you are here, the only thing to focus on is fishing.
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When to go fishing?

Regardless of your preferred catch, the best time to go fishing in Slovenia is in spring and autumn. It’s when fish begin to awaken or start preparing for winter and thus feed excessively. The lakes and rivers get fewer visitors than in summer, which is a particularly important fact to consider if you’re planning on fishing near Slovenia’s popular landmarks.

Due to its favourable position, Slovenia has warm springs and its summers are not too scorching, meaning that fishing can be enjoyed all-year-round. With the exception of the Danube Salmon, which you can only fish during winter. You can read more about the best time to go fishing in terms of specific types of fishing here.  

What and where to fish?

Slovenia offers excellent fishing conditions on riverslakes and the Adriatic Sea, so you can catch practically any of the local specimens in every possible way. If you like fly fishing, alpine and karst rivers are definitely up your alley. There you will find everything from Marble Trout, Grayling and Rainbow Trout to Brown Trout and sometimes even Barbel.

We have prepared a special offer for all Carp lovers at the famous lakes Bled and Šmartinsko, where Carp weighing over 30 kg have been caught multiple times in the past. If you’re into spin fishing, then the places to be are Lake Bled or the Vipava River, which is home to prizewinning Catfish.

The Sava River is the most suitable for hunting Danube Salmon, and you can try your luck at catching Pike on the Ljubljanica River. For all sea fishermen who would like to spice up your summer holiday on the Slovenian coast, our captains are available to take you for some fishing fun on the open sea. If you’re looking for a special kind of adventure that will put your fishing skills to the test, you can also go hunting for Tuna.  

What about permits?

In Slovenia, all fishing waters, except for the sea, are divided among fishing clubs. Each fishing club owns a few rivers and lakes for which it issues permits. According to the new law, most people can buy a permit online, you simply search for the type of fishing and the name of the river or lake and the permits you need will pop up among the top search results.

You can also purchase permits physically on location at nearby bars, restaurants or hotels. Prices change slightly over the years, and current permit prices for all important Slovenian waters can be found here.  

What to take with you?

As everyone travels to Slovenia in a different way, some can haul huge amounts of equipment with them, while others travel light. For this reason, we have decided to offer the rental of all necessary equipment for any type of fishing as well as specific fishing equipment that you happen to be missing. It is advisable, however, to take the end-tackle with you, as this matter is very sensitive for most fishing enthusiasts and trusting your own is always best.

For fly fishing we offer excellent home-made flies, which are provided by our guides, and for Tuna fishing you don’t need to bring anything with you at all, as everything is included in the price and provided on location.

C Gibson
Verified Customer
One of the most beautiful rivers I've ever seen. And the catch was more than we expected. In the begining I was taking photos of every grailing, and can proudly say that at the end of the day I had a pretty nice collection!
Verified Customer
This was over the top thrilling. I caught a fish that was my reason to come here. I almost ruined my camera while getting a picture, but worth it :) The guidance was professional and the fishing spots were just calling for the catch.
Matej A
Verified Customer
went on this guided fly fishing with my brother. It was quite a challenge to catch a marble trout on Idrijca river, but on the second day we succeded. Hell yeah worth fishing 3 days on this river. Highly recommend
Max R
Verified Customer
Best day of my life! You have to try fly fishing on Soca river. Žiga is #1 fly fishing guide in the world!!
Verified Customer
Soča Fly Fishing was on my bucket list for a long time - tnx for making it unforgettable, one of the best experiences in Slovenia!
Ervin P
Verified Customer
It was a lot of fun fly fishing on Soča river. The most beautiful place with the most skillful guide.
Unforgettable fishing experience with local fishermen on beautiful hidden spots across Slovenia.
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