Fish in Slovenia

Let’s take a look at the most popular fresh water and salt water fish species in Slovenia.

Fresh Water

Rainbow Trout

Sharing many of Slovenia’s waters with the Brown Trout is the gorgeous Rainbow Trout.


The name of the Northern Pike, or Pike for short, derives from the old English word for a pole-weapon, as it resembles a Pike in shape.

Marble Trout

Marble trout is Slovenian pride and joy. Also known as Adriatic trout it is inhabiting a few rivers in the western parts of Slovenia, the most famous being river Soča.

Huchen (Hucho Hucho)

The Huchen or “hucho”, is undoubtedly Slovenia’s top predator species.


The Grayling is one of Europe’s most popular fly-fishing species, which has seen quite a steep decline in population around the continent.


The Catfish is the largest freshwater fish in Slovenia. Its home is in calm, deep waters, and prefers a slightly more contaminated environment.


The most sought-after fish in Slovenia, very popular in sport fishing industry.

Brown Trout

As Slovenia’s most widespread Trout species, the Brown Trout can be caught at sizes ranging from 25 (min. size) to 50 cm.


Given away by its characteristic reddish fins and whiskers, the Barbel is common in the rock-bottom, slow-flowing parts of the Soča River near the towns of Idrija and Kobarid as well as the lake at Most na Soči.

Salt Water


There are 15 types of Tuna, ranging in size from 50 cm to 4.6 m and weighing up to 684 kg (bluefin Tuna).


This predatory fish can grow up to 450 cm in length and weigh up to 680 kg.

Sea Bass

This predatory fish feeds primarily on smaller fish, crustaceans and tiny invertebrates.

Red Scorpionfish

The Red Scorpionfish is a marine predator that feeds on various sea animals.

Dolphinfish (Mahi - Mahi)

Dolphinfish have been swimming in the Adriatic for ages, yet they’re still considered a lesser known and rather unusual fish.


Dentex is a saltwater fish that belongs to the Sparidea family.
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