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Published: 14/05/2021
Updated: November 12, 2021

Yes, we know, fishing is great and it feels like it’s all we need and could do for days. But, Slovenia also holds a lot of different areas to explore and things to do. So why not reach beyond the waters of Slovenia for a day?

Active in Summer or Winter

Let’s say you would like to do something active, whether in Summer or Winter.

You like snow, slopes, like to feel the cold and warm yourself up with a cup of tea and rum? You can find your pick among these winter activities. If you are a fan of ski jumps, we have the biggest ski jumping hill right here in Planica. You can visit it all through the year and maybe even do a zip line!

Not a fan of the snow? No worries, in Spring or Summer you can stretch your legs, either walking or cycling, on the flatlands or more hilly lands and soak in all the beauty Slovenia has to offer. Or jump to the seaside and visit the old town of Piran or Koper.

For those with an extra appetite for hiking: how about a hike up to 2864 meters of pure nature, mountainy terrain, and a view to die for? You guessed correctly, all this you can get when you decide to venture off to Mt.Triglav! If you don't want to do it alone or are not sure how, what, when, you can turn to our trusted partners at Triglav Tours.

View of Mt.Triglav from Viševnik

Gastronomy delights

Are you more of a laid-back type of person and want to enjoy and savour the taste of Slovenia from a glass and a plate? Guess what? We have this one also covered! 🙂 And in case you didn't know... Slovenia is the European Region of Gastronomy in 2021.

If you are ready for more than just one or two glasses of excellent wines and local dishes, then visit one of the wine regions with a wine tour. You will get to know Slovenian wine-making families and all about their art of wine making. And of course, you will try local ham and other specialties that are typical for the region.

If you want to prove your cooking skills, a cooking class is the right choice for you! And it’s a blessing for some, that no cooking skills are needed 🙂 

Or you can also opt for a culinary walk around the center of Ljubljana with a food tour. It's a leisure walk with many yummy stops along the way. And you will cover all of the most typical Slovenian dishes in just 3 hours.

Cooking Madness 🙂

But we do know how we will spend our last day, yes?

In the refreshing water, in the company of magnificent fish.

Ready for the time of your life?

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Through the years, I gained a lot of precious experience and knowhow. I explored fishing on numerous waters around Slovenia, beat my records and fell deeply in love with fishing.

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