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Fishing Seasons in Slovenia

The good news is that fishing can be enjoyed in Slovenia all year round. Check out the months to enjoy Fly, Carp or Sea fishing in Slovenia.


In January, Huchen, the king of Slovenian fish, is constantly looking for prey, so catching the big ones is not an impossible task. But keep in mind, you have until the middle of February to do so. As for Pike, this Slovenian freshwater predator is active during cold winter months.


During this freezing month, the Huchen and Pike are active and can be caught in eviable sizes. Warm clothes and patience are required. 


In the beginning of this month, nature starts to awaken, and with it, the Carp. Towards the end of March, certain rivers also offer Trout in reasonable numbers.   


The season of fly-fishing is officially open with all types of Trout in abundance. 


This wonderful time of year signals the beginning of Pike season. It’s the perfect to catch this outrageous predator. In mid-May, the Grayling season opens and runs until late autumn.  

May is also great for those whose hearts are set on catching a big Wels Catfish. Together with Barbel, wels is most active during spring, with a protection period from May 1st until June 30th. 

July and August

Summer months are most plentiful. Every species of fish can be caught during this hot period. Days are longer and so is the time to fish. Night fishing for Carp is always an excellent idea. 


Early autumn slowly sets and fish are busy feeding in time for their winter rest. Autumn is perfect for catching fish of almost every species. 


In the beginning of this month the season for catching the king of Slovenian waters, the Danube Salmon, is open once again. You can catch this stunning fish right up until 15 February. Late October brings the season of Marble Trout to a close. If the autumn months are warm enough, most Slovenian fish can still be caught until November.  


The time when nature begins to calm. It’s time for lovers of peace and solitude to venture onto the rivers and lakes with the aim of catching a trophy-size Carp, Grayling and Trout.


It’s when most fish are less active, but the winter season does come with its perks. The great Huchen can be caught right up until mid-February and the Pike remains a rewarding catch till the end of January and a trophy-size Carp still awaits in the icy waters of Lake Bled.

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