Fly fishing season

Fishing in Slovenia differs throughout the season, so here are the tips to help you decide when is the best time to go fly fishing.
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January & February

Trout fishing season is on halt, the most extreme fly fishing anglers can try their skills fishing for Slovenian Huchen, which is extremely popular amongst locals. Rivers Sava Bohinjka and Sava offer some perfect spots for this kind of fishing. But keep in mind, a quest for Huchen is possible until 15th February.


Start of the Fly fishing season for all who have been nervously waiting at home and dreaming about wetting a line and catching the first trout of the year. Rivers are still cold and water can be a bit higher than usual because of the snow melting in the mountains, but nevertheless true fishermen will definitely try their luck on the rivers that open this month, and effort is usually rewarded with a nice catch. March is probably the time when you most in need of a guide to help ypu find a right spot and with us being the one of the best fly fishing guide service in Slovenia, be sure our guides will get you on the fish.


April is one of the busiest months when it comes to Fly fishing in Slovenia. Even those who had second thoughts fishing in March, now hop into their waders and fish their favourite rivers, which are now open across Slovenia (except Unica, it opens 1.5). Water temperature is rising, and so is the fish activity. Life by the river is waking up from cold, dark winter, meaning more food in the river for hungry fish and more bites for the fish-hungry fishermen. Definitely one of the best months for Fly fishing in Slovenia.

Holding a fish in Unica river


Still high season for Fly fishing in Slovenia, both for the numbers of Fly fishermen, as well as for the number of bites. After the eve changing April, the weather has now settled down, it’s warm, days are getting longer and that, together with the fish activity is nature calling Fly fishermen to come and fish as much as they can. Keep in mind that this is the time before summer vacation, and the last month before September when rivers still only belong to the fishermen. If you want peace and quiet, it’s your last chance to try Fly fishing in Slovenia.

Big fish from Sava river

June, July, August

Perfect time for holidays, not just by the seaside, but also by the river. If You travel to Slovenia, don’t forget to take a rod with you and nick a day to go Fly fishing on one of many beautiful Slovenian rivers. Since during the day fishing on most popular tourist destinations can be hard, your options are Fly fishing on the rivers that are less crowded or chasing early mornings and late afternoons, the most beautiful and productive time when Fly fishing in Summer.

River Sava running through the city of Kranj
River Sava running through the city of Kranj


September is the second peak season for Fly fishing in Slovenia. Crowds on the river disappear and rivers once again belong to the fishermen. Fish are hungry after summer disturbances and they are coming back to the spots that were taken from them during the summer. Temperatures are still high, days are long and you can fish all day long, so it’s the perfect time for Fly fishing holidays. You can move from river to river, set a target of catching specific fish species such as Marbel trout or simply enjoy fishing and watching nature slowly change to the most beautiful colours.

Fisherman holding a fish he caught


Fall is on the rise, rivers are the most beautiful this time of the year and so are the fish. This is the time to catch yourself a Grayling since this fish species is especially active during Autumn fly fishing season. One of the best places to do so are rivers Unica and Idrijca. But keep in mind, some rivers close at the end of the month, so watch the dates! Also, the season for Huchen starts this month, one more reason to visit.

releasin a Grayling in an Alpine river


Last days of Fly fishing season in Slovenia. This is the time for persistent anglers, since conditions are not so ideal as they were during warm months. Nature is preparing for a few months rest, so this is the time if you really want to be on the river if you like peace and quiet, just you, the river, the fish and of course our Fly fishing guide to assist you.

Fishing trip on Unica river


In December everything lays to rest, except Huchen is very active during those winter months.

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