Salt Water

The amazing saltwater fish that rule the depths of Slovenia’s Adriatic Sea

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About Salt Water Fish in Slovenia

The Slovenian section of the Adriatic Sea might be relatively small in size, but its fish population is diverse and plentiful. Around 58 species of saltwater fish that roam near the Slovenia’s coastline are of interest to fishermen. We have the majestic Swordfish, which tends to be found in greater depths and demands quite a bit of skill. Then there’s Tuna, the amazing saltwater predator that is very popular in this part of the world and can come in trophy sizes. Adding colour to our saltwater catches is the peculiarly exotic Red Scorpionfish and its rather unusual counterpart, the Dolphinfish. Popular residents of the Adriatic are also the teethy Dentex and the brackish water inhabitant, the Sea Bass. While exploring the Slovenian Adriatic, you shouldn’t be surprised to come across the Gilt-head Bream, Mullet and the needle fish called the Belone.

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