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Sea fishing season

Check out the best parts of the sea fishing season to help you catch more fish in the Adriatic sea, weather catching Sea Bass, Tuna or Mahi Mahi.
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Big games Fishing is active during the winter, conditions are not ideal, but for those who want to catch a big Tuna or other sea monster, poor weather is not an obstacle. If you prefer less extreme varieties of fishing, you can try fishing for Calamari or Sea Bass from Slovenian coast.

Another species of fish caught during Tuna fishing in Adriatic sea


in the spring, with temperatures rising, fish activity is getting better and better, meaning catching bigger and more fish. Big game fishing is in full swing, so if you haven’t decided to try it in the winter, do so in the spring when conditions are much better. Also coast fishing is good in the Spring, so if you are looking for an adventure, you are on the right page.


Big game fishing is not perfect during summer months, so it’s better to focus on fishing different species. During that time, you can try to fish for smaller fish, like on our Sea fishing trip, and spend some time in the pleasant company of your friends or family members. Another possible type of fishing that is very popular during hot summer months is fishing with a speargun. If you are a speargun fishing enthusiast and want to fish in Adriatic sea, our Sea fishing guides, who also love that type of fishing will take you under the surface where you will enjoy diverse Adriatic sea world.

Adriatic tuna of the size of a grown man


Come Autumn, fishing for Mahi mahi takes place by the Slovenian coast, specimens are not breaking any records, but still put up a good fight.
Tuna fishing is back on the menu, and with it all the other big Adriatic sea species. If the wind isn’t blowing too hard, you have a chance to catch a real chunk of fish so this time of the year is great for booking a few day’s trip and join our Big game fishing guide on his boat.

Unforgettable fishing experience with local fishermen on beautiful hidden spots across Slovenia.
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