Spin fishing season

Check out which parts of the year suit most to each freshwater predator in order to maximize your chances to catch Pike, Huchen, Catfish or Zander.
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This is the time for extreme anglers, who don’t mind cold and snow and have eyes set on the prize. In case of Spin fishing in Slovenia,the prize is a big Huchen, who is the king of the rivers during winter months or a big pike, that is still hungry for the prey. Best rivers for winter spin fishing are Sava, sava Dolinka and Krka, if you want an urban experience, try Urban spin fishing on Ljubljanica river.


Huchen season ends in the middle of February, so keep in mind to visit our rivers before that. Once you miss the chance, you will have to wait until October to try again. Pike season also ends in February.

Ljubljanica river in the Slovenian capital city


A dull month for spin fishing, many fish species are off the table. The good thing is, Catfish is becoming more active because of the warmer weather and you can visit Slovenia to experience a battle with monster specimens that reside in rivers Sava or Vipava.


Still time with scarce fishing options, You can still fish for Catfish or try to tempt an Asp into taking your bait. But most Spin anglers already have eyes on May and with it the start of Pike season.

Evening fishing ended with a big catch


A time that all Spin fishermen have been waiting for, season for pike has finally arrived. Waters are full of Spin anglers trying to catch hungry predator that is just out of spawning and ready to eat. You can of course catch other species along the way, but many of them are still protected, so you have to release them immediately.


Pike is already on the hunt, and another predator who also resides in both, rivers and lakes, is back on the target list. It’s the Zander. Both can be fished on Lake Bled, so if you are looking for a spin fishing adventure in Slovenia, that’s what we are recommending. Catfish is spawning and is off the table for some time.

Big fish from Sava river

July, August

Summer months go hand in hand with spinning. Warm weather in the mornings enables you to fish effectively and rest during the day, see some sights and return in the afternoon when the temperatures fall and all the commotion from the tourists on the water disappears. 


Pike strikes when the leaves fall down, that’s a proverb we use in Slovenia for spin fishing. Fish start to feed more regularly beacuse of the temperature drop and the chances for a good catch go up. If you add to that the colours of nature, which are turning into warm shades, fishing in the Autumn is perfect!

Trout from Sava river


October is all about Huchen fishing. The long wait has ended, and the king of the rivers is active again, ready for you to catch. It’s hard, but if you succeed, the joy is indescribable. If you don’t know how to catch it or have no idea where to start, our guides will assist you and help you land your first King.

November & December

Peaks of Huchen fishing season, all the other anglers make way for those extreme few, who know to appreciate a catch of such a majestic creature like Huchen.

C Gibson
Verified Customer
One of the most beautiful rivers I've ever seen. And the catch was more than we expected. In the begining I was taking photos of every grailing, and can proudly say that at the end of the day I had a pretty nice collection!
Verified Customer
This was over the top thrilling. I caught a fish that was my reason to come here. I almost ruined my camera while getting a picture, but worth it :) The guidance was professional and the fishing spots were just calling for the catch.
Matej A
Verified Customer
went on this guided fly fishing with my brother. It was quite a challenge to catch a marble trout on Idrijca river, but on the second day we succeded. Hell yeah worth fishing 3 days on this river. Highly recommend
Max R
Verified Customer
Best day of my life! You have to try fly fishing on Soca river. Žiga is #1 fly fishing guide in the world!!
Verified Customer
Soča Fly Fishing was on my bucket list for a long time - tnx for making it unforgettable, one of the best experiences in Slovenia!
Ervin P
Verified Customer
It was a lot of fun fly fishing on Soča river. The most beautiful place with the most skillful guide.
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