Fresh Water Fish

Slovenia is home to over 90 species of freshwater fish and attracts a growing number of recreational fishing enthusiasts from all over the world.
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Pike Fish
The name of the Northern Pike, or Pike for short, derives from the old English word for a pole-weapon, as it resembles a Pike in shape.
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The Catfish is the largest freshwater fish in Slovenia. Its home is in calm, deep waters, and prefers a slightly more contaminated environment.
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Picture of a barbel fish
Given away by its characteristic reddish fins and whiskers, the Barbel is common in the rock-bottom, slow-flowing parts of the Soča River near the towns of Idrija and Kobarid as well as the lake at Most na Soči.
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The most sought-after fish in Slovenia, very popular in sport fishing industry.
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Picture of a huchen fish
The Huchen or “hucho”, is undoubtedly Slovenia’s top predator species.
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The Grayling is one of Europe’s most popular fly-fishing species, which has seen quite a steep decline in population around the continent.
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Sharing many of Slovenia’s waters with the Brown Trout is the gorgeous Rainbow Trout.
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As Slovenia’s most widespread Trout species, the Brown Trout can be caught at sizes ranging from 25 (min. size) to 50 cm.
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Fisherman's catch, big marble trout
Marble trout is Slovenian pride and joy. Also known as Adriatic trout it is inhabiting a few rivers in the western parts of Slovenia, the most famous being river Soča.

About Fresh Water Fish in Slovenia

Slovenia’s giant network of rivers and lakes is home to over 90 species of freshwater fish. Let’s take a look at the one that are attracting a growing number of recreational fishing enthusiasts from all over the world.

The king among the indigenous species of Slovenian waters is undeniably the Marble or Soča Trout, also known as the Adriatic Trout. Swimming alongside this champ in the pure Adriatic watershed are also the Brown and Rainbow Trout as well as the Hybrid Trout (Marble x Brown). A star of fly fishing, the Grayling, reigns in the calmer sections of our rivers and is a very popular catch. Speaking of popular, Slovenian freshwaters are home to “hucho”, the great and elusive Huchen, a.k.a. the Danube Slamon, which brings the virtues of patience and wisdom to the fishing game. Besides the pointy Pike, the bedrock swimmer Barbel and the demon of the deep, the Catfish, Slovenia’s slow-flowing or still waters hide the most sought-after fish of all – the Carp. Even the famous glacial wonder of Lake Bled prides itself with this amazing creature. Overall, around 20 freshwater species are up for grabs, which also include the Wels, Tench, Bream, Chub, and more.

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